Mumbai and New Delhi

We've been fostering kittens since 2011!
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May 2020: two two week old bottle babies, Mumbai (Moon) and New Delhi (Dell). They're mini Babe Ruth and Twix doppelgangers.
March: after 2 weeks here Panda gave birth to three kittens on the night of 3/7
November: 11/20 - Momma cat Chrystal with bright blue eyes and maybe six kittens, due "any day now".
October fostering: Dev, Purnie, BootSoxSox, and All Cats Are Gray
September fostering: Eggy, Porky, Rajah, and Angus
August fostering: Eggy and Porky
July fostering: Smudge, Smidge, and Spot (orange)
June: Nibble
April 2019: started fostering momma cat (MC) on Friday 4/12. Played hide and seek the first week, but she's settled in nicely.
- 4/26 - 5 kittens finally born!

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