Mrs. Norris and 3 day old babies Errol, Crookshanks, Buckbeak, and Pigwidgeon

We've been fostering kittens since 2011!
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Sept 2021: Fostering five week olds: Cinnamon, Nutmeg, Casper, and Salem.
June 2021: Nevada and 4 kittens named for our state tree, bird, insect, and semi-precious gemstone.
March 2021: Pregnant momma Bobbie - the friendliest ever. 1 baby born 3/15, 2 babies born by c-section 3/16.
October 2020: four week old gruel babies: Sparrow (fluffy with stripes), Cardinal (black and white), Chickadee (fluffy gray).
June 2020: Glimmer, Bow, She-ra
May 2020: two two week old bottle babies, Mumbai (Moon) and New Delhi (Dell). They're mini Babe Ruth and Twixes.

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